Propel Cloud Rider HD 2.0 Review

Propel Cloud Rider HD 2.0 is intermediate to advanced level drone with a lot of features, and very affordable price. That is a sentence that could best describe this product from Propel, a US-based company that specializes in a category of flight and radio controlled devices. A dedicated team of experts and enthusiasts seems to be a perfect match to make a perfect best-buy camera drone, Propel Cloud Rider HD 2.0. The built-in flight assist features and an HD streaming camera will make flying this drone a pleasure, or at least that is what we are lead to believe.

We are going to see if the Propel Cloud Rider HD 2.0 can satisfy high expectations that are naturally rising when reading the signs on the box.

Propel Cloud Rider HD 2.0 Review


Propel Cloud Rider HD 2.0 Review– Quick Glance

Quick specs

  • Flight time – 10 minutes
  • Flight range – 500 feet
  • Camera – 720p
  • Sensors – 6 axis gyro, air pressure
  • Special features – one key take off/land, 3 speeds
  • Size – 19 x 4 x 21 inches
  • Weight – 2,85 pounds
  • Battery – 3.7V, 1200mAh  Li-Po
  • Charge time – 50 minutes
  • Remote controller – dedicated physical transmitter

Propel Cloud Rider HD 2.0 Pros

Propel Cloud Rider HD 2.0 parts

  • HD camera. 720p camera with wide angle makes nice photos and videos
  • FPV mode. On your mobile device, you can see what the drone sees.
  • Adjustable speed. Three-speed settings are available, slow for beginners, faster for the experienced
  • Extra battery. You will get two batteries in the standard package
  • Flight assists. 6 axis gyro and air pressure sensors are a great help, even for the experienced users.
  • One-push stunt. The drone will do a 360 degrees flip with a press of a dedicated button.
  • The price. It is very well positioned.

Propel Cloud Rider HD 2.0 Cons

  • The flight time could be a little bit longer. But you get two batteries in the standard package


Propel Cloud Rider HD 2.0 – CLOSER LOOK



This is an a mid-sized drone, capable of carrying an HD camera. The body of the drone itself is small, but the long arms that hold the blades give it dimensions of 19 x 4 x 21 inches. The weight is 2.85 pounds. It has four rotors and shields for the blades. For landing it has large struts, giving it the height necessary to protect the belly and the camera.  Underneath the rotors, there are 4 LED lights, two green ones, and two red ones. The drone seems to be sturdy and well built. On the back of the drone, there is a place to place the battery that has a simple plug & play socket.

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Propel Cloud Rider HD 2.0 Transmitter

The 2, 4 GHz transmitter has good ergonomics, everything is where you would be expected it to be. Naturally, the drone with this much features can’t really have simple controls, but the manufacturers kept it as simple as possible. There are two sticks, for vertical and horizontal control and throttle. Besides that, you will find an auto take off and land button, a 360-degree flip button, and camera function buttons. The controller requires 6 X AA batteries, so when loaded, it can be a little bit heavy.

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The drone is powered by 3.7V, 1200mAh battery, and you get two of them in the standard package, which is a good thing. The manufacturer claims up to 10 minutes of flight time, it is mostly in ideal conditions. In reality, it can span up to 10 minutes, but less if you are doing flips and some other stunts. The battery is placed inside the drone, easily accessible, and uses an easy plug&play system.

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The drone has a High Definition Onboard Camera. It enables Live Streaming Pictures or Video. Those can be stored on the SD card which is standard in the package, or streamed to your phone. This means that you can enjoy FPV flying. You can see what the drone sees. Wide Range Digital Radio will send footage and video up to 350 Feet. The 6 Axis Gyro and Air Pressure Sensors make the drone stable enough to produce good quality photos and videos. For taking photos, press the corresponding button once, for taking videos, press and hold.

Propel Cloud Rider HD 2.0 Features




Auto takes off and land

With one push of a button, the drone will take off. When the same button is pressed while it is in the air, it will land by itself. You can still use direction commands while using these features, in order to avoid obstacles.

FPV control

The video streaming feature allows you to have the experience of the pilot, and see what the drone sees. This will make it easier to fly the drone if you lose it out of your site, but you should always try not to lose it.

VR mode

The FPV function will enable you to enjoy a VR experience by using the VR glasses, which are not part of the package. You will have to provide them yourself.

Flight altitude lock

It will make easier to use the camera while the drone maintains the given height.

Speed control

The drone has 3-speed settings, which is useful for beginners, and also in periods of low winds. It is never recommended to fly the drone in strong winds.


It can do a 360 flip with just one press of a button. Keep in mind the necessary height and that stunts drain the battery.


Propel Cloud Rider HD 2.0 – FLYING EXPERIENCE

The drone is pretty easy to fly, thanks to the autoland and take off function, 6 axis gyro, and air pressure sensors. You might say that it is forgiving for beginners. 3-speed settings on this drone are what beginners will also appreciate. There are no surprises while flying and the drone is stable. Of course, you should avoid flying the drone when snowing, raining, or when a strong wind is blowing.



Good build quality, good camera, and streaming features and well-balanced price are what make this drone a good buy. Even though it is intended for experienced users, the beginners should not be afraid. Its sturdiness and flight assistant features make it suitable for them too.

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